What's it all about?

With Confessapp you can share your confessions with the rest of the world anonymously, and you will be able to read other peoples confessions which are divided in different categories. You are also able to judge a specific confession by either voting to forgive or not.

Why confessing is a good thing?

  • We have ALL done some stupid things that we regret. Keeping those things inside just makes us feel worse.
  • Sharing your secrets with someone always gives you a feeling of relief. You no longer have to bear the burden.
  • When you feel better, everyone around you feel better. Encourage your friends to let go of their burdens.


  • Read other peoples confessions
  • Confess anonymously
  • Vote on confessions
  • 9 different categories


  • Confessionapp works with all iPhones and iPod Touches running version 2.0 software or later.
  • WiFi, Edge, or 3G Network required to update receive and post confessions.